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This was inspired out of my imagination, I sometimes get lost in my imagination and I don't limit myself when it comes to expressing what I feel or see in the realm of creativity. I featured another artist popularly known as "Musty" to collaborate with me on this piece after expressing my imagination and we decided to title it "Oju Okun" (Ocean Eye) since it has blue eyes. The collaboration was to encourage artists to come together as one to create exceptional pieces and also to encourage teamwork amongst all. The DNA and the globe represents how humans are connected regardless of the race, gender or believe just like the way oceans are connected global.


Title: Oju Okun (Ocean Eyes)

Size: 36 X 36 Inches

Medium: Mixed Media

Artists: Muyiwa & Musty

Year: 2022

Packaging Type: Tube

Oju Okun (Ocean Eyes)

$7,900.00 Regular Price
$6,715.00Sale Price
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